18 June 2009

Swords & Wizardry Conquers All!

It appears that Swords & Wizardry came in first place in Lulu's May sales competition! (Announcement here.)

It also appears that Swords & Wizardry will be picked up by a real RPG publisher, and eventually will be distributed in 'brick-and-mortar' stores, as well as more widely advertised on the web.  (Announcement here.)

These are exciting developments for S&W, at least to grognardly nerds like myself!  Congratulations to Mythmere (Matt Finch) for all his hard work on S&W over the past year.


  1. "grognardly"?

    The adjective form of 'grognard'! :P

  2. Lots of great news to celebrate. Any speculation about the identity of the publisher?

  3. I'm stumped, to be honest. Goodman Games perhaps? Or Necromancer Games? Beyond those two, I can't think of any company that would be eager to take this on.