22 June 2009

Post Pacing

Phew!  I've been posting at a pretty rapid rate since starting up this blog last week.  Time for a pint of Guinness ...

Good stuff!  Well, this pace cannot continue for long, alas.  

My plan is to finish posting all of my house rules for the Swords & Wizardry game (the OD&D 'retro-clone') over the next couple of weeks.  Most of these house rules, with varying amounts of tweaking, can also be used for OD&D, Classic D&D ('Basic/Expert' D&D and 'Rules Cyclopedia' D&D), and AD&D (1e, and perhaps 2e as well, although I'm not as familiar with the latter edition).  The overall aim of my house rules is to create a game with a stronger 'swords & sorcery' ethos, while still retaining a high level of compatibility with 'core' (pre-3e) D&D (and AD&D) products (especially monsters and modules).  

Once all of my current house rules are posted, things will slow down quite a bit.  My other main goal in the near future is to revise my campaign setting, 'Ilmahal,' and I hope to have that done by mid-August.  I would like to finish earlier, gentle readers, but 'real work,' and my upcoming nuptials, prevent more timely progress.  

More general posts, of course, will be delivered here whenever whim and energy coincide to produce magic!  (Er...) 

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