15 April 2010

Just in case you haven't heard...

The new issue of Knockspell is available...

The blurb:

Knockspell: The quarterly resource for old school gaming!

Knockspell Issue #4 contains a veritable cornucopia of gaming content for your retro-clone or out-of-print fantasy campaign! Here's a preview of the table of contents:

From Kuroth’s Quill Allan T. Grohe, Jr.

Beneath the Crossroads: an Adventure Joshua James Gervias

Artist Interview: Christopher Burdett

Megadungeon Adventuring Tactics Matt Finch

Isles on an Emerald Sea 3: An Adventure Gabor Lux

Random Tavern Generator Robert Lionheart

Artifact Type & Attributes Scot Hoover

Spell Interval System John Stater

Online Roleplaying: A Quick Overview Marcelo Frossard Paschoalin

Rats in the Walls: an Adventure by Jeffrey P. Talanian

Stealing the Histories Michael Curtis

Free-Form Rules as a Referee’s Toolbox Al Krombach

Rolling Along: Wheeled Magic Items James Bobb

Weird Weather and other Unexplanable Phenomena J Shoultis, J Larrey, J Hartleb

Review: The Dungeon Alphabet Allan T. Grohe, Jr.

Weapon Generator J.R. Cone

New Magic Items James Bobb

Knockspell #4 is now available in both print and pdf versions from Black Blade Publishing.

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