14 November 2023

The World of Ukrasia

Ukrasia is a campaign setting that I’ve created (and am still creating) for use with one of my Against the Darkmaster (VsD) campaigns.  

As I’ve done for some of my other settings and campaigns, I’ve decided to create a central ‘master page’ or ‘index’ with links to relevant posts at this blog. This is that page. A permanent link to it can be found on the upper right side of the blog (under 'Akratic RPG stuff: campaigns'). I will update it whenever new relevant posts appear on my blog.

Ukrasia: General Information

- The Three Darkmasters of Ukrasia.
- The Planes and Deities connected to Ukrasia.
- The Four Ages of Ukrasia.
- Some Notes on the Peoples of Ukrasia.

Ukrasia: The Isle of Urdor

- The Isle of Urdor: Maps and Notes.

Campaign: Against the Court of Urdor

- Chapter 1: Zepheus the Mage and the Elf Prince Berethil.
- Chapter 2: The Company of the Morningstar, Korlax's Haven, and Blarth's Harp.
- Chapter 3: Triumvir Town, Dawnfell, and the Crystal Glade
- Chapter 4: The Broken Temple
- Chapter 5:

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Art credits:
The colour map of 'Urdor' is by yours truly (expanding upon the original 'Ardor' map by Pete Fenlon).
The picture of Kiren is from the Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition CRPG. The picture of Einar is from the Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition CRPG.
The bottom picture is by Charles Peale and appeared in ICE's old Cirith Ungol MERP module.

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  1. Grateful for the inspiration and actionable tips in your recent post.


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