19 September 2018

Scottish dwarves

Another insight from Existential Comics:

This is a great comic, by the way. I've mentioned it here before. There are a number of strips on 'Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy', all of which are worth reading.

06 September 2018

The Resistance inside Nyarlathotep's Death Cult

"In the year-and-a-half since the Black Pharaoh replaced the Oval Office with a literal blood fountain throne, I’ve watched as the hits keep on coming. The executive cabinet is wracked with scandal, ordinary citizens who signed the cultist oath are making good on their grave pacts, and, of course, the entirety of the country’s water supply is now teeming with pulsating eggs from some kind inter-dimensional parasite. It’s easy to look at these kinds of headlines, to read these sorts of leaked stories from the desiccated Capitol Hill, and see an unsustainable administration. Rumors of reversal incantations are beginning to make the rounds, and if our Commander-in-Chief is not careful, It could find Itself cast back among the stars beyond the universe. The past few weeks, in particular, have seen our President certainly live up to our campaign slogan 'I See All, and It Shall Burn.'" 
"But it’s important Americans know there are still some of us upholding the tenets envisioned by the original Necro-Party. We are part of a different kind of Resistance, one that still supports the foundations scrawled within the Tome of Infernal Torment, and not the whims of a Mad Anti-God who cares not for the literalist interpretations we hold so blasphemous. We believe the Tome is, was, and will forever be instrumental in wresting reason from the minds of the multitude. It may provide faint solace, but we felt we owe it to our fellow subjugates to let them know all is still very much for naught." 
"We still believe utter ruin can be brought to the land through the proper rituals and unhallowed traditions, not by this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-tentacles kind of governing."
From: "I am Part of the Resistance Inside Nyarlathotep's Death Cult" by Andrew Paul at McSweeney's.

09 August 2018

Lyonesse map draft

The good people at the Design Mechanism have shared this draft of their map of the 'Elder Isles' for their forthcoming Lyonesse RPG (based upon their Mythras system). The map is by Daniel Hasenbos, and the final version will be in colour.

I can't remember the last time I've looked forward so much to a new RPG...

08 August 2018

Colbert and Manganiello talk about Dungeons and Dragons

In this interview Stephen Colbert and actor Joe Manganiello spend about 9 minutes talking about (almost) nothing other than Dungeons and Dragons. Truly, we live in a very different world than the one in which I lived as a teen...

I have to confess that I had no idea who Manganiello was before this interview (apparently he was in 'True Blood', a show that I stopped watching after a couple of episodes). But he struck me as a decent, down-to-earth fellow, someone with whom I'd be happy to roll a few d20s.

The interview, needless to say, is quite entertaining.

03 August 2018

The Frost Giant's Daughter coming to TV

[Frank Frazetta's classic picture of Conan fighting the frost giants.]

I mentioned a few months ago that Amazon is planning a series based on Robert E. Howard's famous Conan character. At that time I hoped that the series would follow (more or less closely) REH's actual stories.

Well it looks like this will be the case. According to producer Ryan Condal, the first episode will be based upon "The Frost Giant's Daughter":
“I think the Conan purists will be very pleased [...] If anybody knows and follows the saga [‘The Frost-Giant’s Daughter’] is... the earliest story in Conan’s life. He’s basically just left Cimmeria and he’s running around as a mercenary with this Viking band of warriors called the Aesir... I’ve put [the Conan stories] back in [chronological] order and the idea is to tell Conan’s story over the time of his life.”
My hopes for this show are starting to build. Don't disappoint me, Crom (or "to hell with you!").

27 July 2018

Spider Cult of Mirkwood Campaign

Here is the index of my posts on my Spider Cult of Mirkwood campaign. It will remain in the section of this blog entitled ‘Some of my RPG Stuff’ (always found in the upper-right corner). This index will be updated as new entries concerning the campaign are posted here. 

[Part of Peter Fenlon's beautiful map from ICE's Mirkwood]

General Description:

This campaign takes place in Mirkwood and the surrounding regions—the Long Lake area, the ‘narrows’ north of Mirkwood and south of the Grey Mountains, and the Anduin Vale—about five years after the events described in The Hobbit (it starts in late spring 2946 of the Third Age).

I’ve drawn on a number of different resources for this campaign. In addition to the works of Prof. J.R.R. Tolkien (of course!) and my own imagination, I’ve made use of some of ICE’s old Middle-earth Roleplaying (‘MERP’) materials, in particular their Mirkwood setting book, and the more recent books from Cubicle 7, especially the Loremaster’s Guide and the Rhovanion Region Guide. However, I’ve changed a lot in what I’ve taken from the ICE and C7 materials. Finally, the campaign idea was inspired partially by an old White Dwarf MERP adventure—‘The Dawn of Unlight’—written by Graham Staplehurst. I’ve used very little from the adventure itself except for the core idea (namely, a secret ‘cult’ devoted to Ungoliant), but I’ve always liked Staplehurst’s adventure and am delighted to finally make us of it.

The system I’m using is Adventures in Middle-earth, which adapts the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules for Middle-earth. I think it does a pretty good job!

Character Information:

  • The character backgrounds for: Hengil Foros (D├║nedan Warden of Rivendell), Ulvmund Galmund (Barding Warrior of Dale), and Hartmut Hare-Eye (Beorning Wanderer of the Anduin Vale).

The Adventures and Fellowship Phases:

Some related posts:

[A picture by Charles Peale from ICE's Mirkwood.]

16 July 2018

Forthcoming visual history of D&D

I am curious about this forthcoming book: Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History. One thing that it reveals is that many iconic D&D monsters—such as mindflayers and beholders—were sketched initially by teenagers for Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

An aspect of D&D that I have long loved—and which distinguishes it from most of the other RPGs that I have played over the years—is its unique creatures and mythology. (As I’ve mentioned before here, this is one of the reasons why Planescape is probably my favourite ‘official’ D&D setting, as it builds on these distinctive elements instead of merely mashing together ideas from mythology and fiction.)

Also, if this page is representative of what will be found in the book, it should be well worth obtaining for the art alone:

16 June 2018

A note on my Spider Cult of Mirkwood Campaign posts

As you may have noticed, I’ve posted a lot about this campaign over the past day or so. The reason: my Adventures in Middle-earth campaign is starting up again (after a 5-month hiatus). I’ve been going through my notes and trying to organize them. It’s surprising how many things I’ve forgotten about since we started up over a year ago! 

In an attempt to get (somewhat) organized, I’ll create a single ‘index’ and ‘log’ for the campaign. This index will join a few others that I’ve posted here for my games over the years (the links to which can be found in the upper-right corner of the blog). It should be posted in a few days. The log will include summaries for each adventure. These will be a few sentences long each. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or energy to keep writing up ‘complete’ recaps for each adventure. The one’s I’ve already posted will stay up, of course, but I probably will not be doing any more, except perhaps for the final adventure in this campaign storyline (given its importance).

[Part of Chris White's cover image for ICE's Southern Mirkwood book.]
(Notice the Woodmen hiding in the tree huts in the background!)

15 June 2018

To the Tower of Bar-en-Dindol (Spider Cult of Mirkwood campaign part 3)

September 2946...

[A portion of P. Fenlon's magical map from ICE's Mirkwood.]

The agents of Thal Eolsen are successful in their inquiries, and the merchant provides Ulvmund with the location of his ancestral home. The Galmund fiefdom was located about 90 miles northwest of Dale. The family’s ancient tower was located atop a hill that overlooked a small lake, near the ‘Grey Road’—the Men-i-Mithrin—which runs north of Mirkwood (it once connected Dale and Lake-town to the dwarven holds of the Grey Mountains). The tower was called ‘Bar-en-Dindol’, which means ‘dwelling at the silent head’ in Sindarin (it was named by the first Lady to dwell at the tower, who hailed originally from Gondor and thus was fluent in the elvish tongue).

Excited by this news, Ulvmund implores his companions to help him investigate his family’s ancient land and stronghold. Hengil and Hartmut agree, so long as the companions then travel to the Anduin Vale and transport the malevolent black orb to the wizard Radagast.

The companions journey to Dale, and then onwards to the Galmund ruins. En route, on a grey and misty day, the company spots a rider in the distance. The rider does not approach the party, but instead gestures to the northwest; he then rides away, disappearing into the mists.

Eventually the companions reach the ancient land of the Galmund family: the small lake, village, hill, and tower. Unsurprisingly, the village and tower are ruins, though the main floor of the tower remains largely intact.

[Image taken from ICE's Bree supplement.]

Within the tower, the companions discover some wargs (survivors, no doubt, of the Battle of the Five Armies). They defeat two of the vile creatures, but Ulvmund is knocked unconscious, and an especially large and vicious warg escapes to the north.

While Ulvmund slumbers he has a remarkable dream:
Ulvmund sees the tower of his family as it must have looked two centuries ago. Made of firm, clean stones, carefully mortared and smooth, the tower reaches into the sky for a hundred feet. It is a bright spear in the grim Marches. Bright eyed Northmen stand on the top, looking toward the dolorous peaks of the Grey Mountains. Below the Silent-Head hill, stretching along the small Quiet Lake, is a hamlet of farmers and fishers.  
The peace and beauty of the scene is shattered when a black shadow passes over the tower and hamlet. The dragon has come! Smaug, for a malevolent reason known only to himself, desires to extend his desolation far beyond the ruined cities of Dale and Erebor. The wooden buildings of the hamlet erupt in flame; the villagers are all slain to a child. The great tower is not spared: with claw and fire, its upper reaches are destroyed. The guardsmen, servants, and other inhabitants are reduced to ashes or plummet to their deaths. Once the lands about the Silent-Head hill have been blasted, the dragon moves on to wreak destruction elsewhere. 
The vivid nightmare concludes, and Ulvmund awakens in a cold sweat. Standing before Ulvmund’s prone body is the translucent image of his ancestor, Lord Alaric. With an expression of great sadness, makes a gesture that Ulvmund understands to symbolize a well. The ghost then points to the southeast from the well. Finally, as he begins to fade, Alaric points directly at Ulmund and nods. After a few seconds the image disappears. Were it not for its vividness and detail, Ulvmund would swear that he was still dreaming.
Following the instructions given by Lord Alaric, the companions discover a tunnel and three skeletons (the fleeing members of the Galmund family). The Galmund family sword is recovered. Having been crafted by the dwarves of ancient Erebor, the blade remains in excellent condition despite its many decades of neglect.

The next day the companions depart along the Men-i-Mithrin (“Grey Road”). Ulvmund Galmund vows to return someday, though, to rebuild and resettle his family’s demesne.

A plan is made concerning the Black Orb (Spider Cult of Mirkwood part 2.5)

Late June – late August 2946...

 [From ICE's Mirkwood (map by Peter Fenlon).]

Upon returning to Lake-town, the company returns the locked box to the merchant Thal Eolsen. Delighted, the merchant rewards each companion with 20 gold coins. Eolsen also offers a boon to each member of the company. Hengil accepts a finely crafted sword, whereas Hartmut accepts a mighty longbow. Ulvmund requests that Eolsen use some of his many contacts to find what information he can about the Galmund ancestral home, including its precise location. (Ulvmund knows only its general location, as most of his family and their records were destroyed when Smaug razed their home in T.A. 2774.)

Hengil spends much of July and August meditating and studying some of the ancient texts of the elves [healing corruption caused by the black orb]. He also decides, with advice from Luinwen, that the black orb should be taken someplace west of Mirkwood for safekeeping—either to Radagast the Brown, Saruman the White, or Galadriel of Lothl├│rien. Radagast is selected by the company, as he is closest.

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