12 August 2023

Against the Witch-King – Adventure Index

I’ll be running an adventure or two (maybe more) of Against the Darkmaster (VsD) for one of my gaming groups, starting next week. This is the group that normally uses Mythras (we’ve gone through The Young Kingdoms, Mythic Britain, and Mythic Babylon campaigns in the past, and now are in the middle of an epic Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign). So this will not be the “main game” of this group, but rather something to do when not everyone can make it or when the current GM (in this case Loz) would like a break. (I’m still developing the VsD campaign setting “Ukrasia” for my other group, and that campaign hopefully will start in a couple of months, once my Greyhawk campaign comes to a satisfying pause point.)

Anyhow, as I usually do with the campaigns that I run, I’ve created an “index” (really more of a “table of contents,” but whatever) with links to posts related to the Against the Witch-King adventures. Like my other “indexes,” I’ll update this as new relevant posts appear on my blog. 

[Some Nazgûl near Rivendell, by Angus McBride]

Campaign and Character Information 

Adventure Logs

  • From Fornost to Ro-Malborn and Back Again.

Other related posts


  1. Excellent! Still very much looking forward to reading about this campaign.

    1. Thanks for your interest! I'm looking forward to finally testing this out.

  2. This should be fun. Like I said, this game taunts me and I want to know more. Given your notes of when and where it is set I am now even more interested.


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