23 November 2011

Cover Art for RuneQuest 6

Here is the blurb from the Design Mechanism website:

We're delighted to share with you the stunning cover art for RuneQuest Sixth Edition.

By Pascal Quidalt, the picture is, of course, an updated version of the iconic original RQ cover (originally painted by Luise Perrin). Pascal, who has done some outstanding covers for roleplaying games, has taken that original and created a beautiful and unique take on the imagery.

The artwork depicts Anathaym, a Meerish warrior of the Cult of Theera, under ambush by a cunning, predatory, Slargr (pronounced SLAR-guh) when she mistakenly wanders into its hunting territories. The hulking creature tears away her shield - a typical slargr tactic - leaving the shocked Anathaym to rely on her spear and its Bladesharp matrix.

Will she survive? The RuneQuest rules, using Anathaym as our example heroine, will give you the answer...

It’s a gorgeous picture, in my opinion. Kudos to Pascal Quidalt!

I would love if it were available as a print — I want it framed on my wall!

Moreover, as the blurb indicates, it’s a nice tribute to the classic cover of RuneQuest 2, while nonetheless clearly establishing a distinctive identity for RuneQuest 6.

Now I'm very much looking forward to seeing previews of some internal art…

09 November 2011

Gygax Memorial Tile

Here is a picture of the memorial tile for Gary Gygax at the Riveria in Lake Geneva, WI. (Photo gained from Ignatius Umlaut via that facebooky-thingie.)

Very nice. (Although the 'nitpicker' in me thinks that it should say "Co-creator".)

I really have to go to Lake Geneva one of these days. I've been based (partially) in Milwaukee for over three years now, but the only other place in Wisconsin to which I've ventured has been Madison.

08 November 2011

Exciting Crypts and Things Update

Newt Newport of d101 Games has announced that PDFs of Crypts & Things have been sent out to everyone who has pre-ordered the game! I hope that they like it.

Crypts & Things is based on the 0e 'retro-clone' Swords & Wizardry by Matt Finch (a.k.a. 'Mythmere'). In addition to Newt's many additions and modifications to 'core' S&W, it draws upon some of the 'Akratic Wizardry' house rules that I developed a couple of years ago. It also includes Newt's dark continent of 'Zarth', ideal for 'swords and sorcery' style adventuring in a dying world of savage barbarians and eldritch horror.

More information on C&T, including details on how to pre-order the game, available here.

Order now, and you'll be as cool as this dashing hipster:

07 November 2011

Cthulhu and Lovecraft Political Campaign Posters

More here!

(Hat tip: Christopher Robichaud.)

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