26 June 2024

Mythras Imperative Contest

From the recent Design Mechanism newsletter:
We’re excited to launch a brand-new competition for all Mythras enthusiasts and budding creators! 

The TDM ORC Imperative Contest celebrates the ORC open license, which includes the Mythras Imperative and Classic Fantasy Imperative rules released under it. Entrants are invited to send a submission between 2,000 and 10,000 words that creatively utilizes the Imperative rules and one or more assets (a descriptive paragraph, an image, or a map) that we provide.

The submission can be whatever you can imagine: a scenario, a setting module, a mini-campaign, or anything in-between. Entrants can pick any genre, any time period, or create something completely new and unique.

To view all the requirements, check out the Submissions Pack.

What do you stand to gain? Let’s talk about the prizes!

First Prize gives the winner a finished document they can immediately distribute for sale if you choose. This means that the TDM Production Team takes your submission, edits, proofreads, crafts a layout, and equips it with interior and cover art for the winner’s idea to make it a reality.

Those who manage second and third places will get various levels of artwork that help get you on your path to completion of your project.

The TDM ORC Imperative Competition is now open! You must be a Newsletter subscriber to enter with a chance of winning one of these glorious prizes! You can subscribe to the Newsletter on our website https://thedesignmechanism.com/

So, get your thinking caps on, dig out those old notebooks, and brainstorm with your gaming group! 

Here’s your chance to create some fantastic material using Mythras Imperative and the ORC License that gets that professional touch.

I’ll add that submissions due by 30 September 2024. Good luck to all who enter!

Somewhat related, this post does a good job of comparing Mythras and Basic Roleplaying (versions of both of which are now available with the ORC license).

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