31 January 2014

Happy 40th Birthday to Dungeons and Dragons!

The original RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, was released sometime during January 1974 (or at least the best evidence available suggests that it was).

I can't believe that I almost failed to note this important anniversary at this blog (as moribund as it has been over the past several months)!

Welcome to middle age, old friend.

22 January 2014

The Return of Fight On!

Fight On!  It's the fanzine that helped fuel the Old School Renaissance in fantasy role-playing over the past several years.

And it's back.

Issue 14 is available in PDF and the much-more-old-school paper format.  The 'official announcement' is here.

I'm delighted to see this wonderful fanzine return.

21 January 2014

Life Lessons from Dungeons and Dragons

There is a rather charming little piece on 'Ye Olde Game' in today's Salon, entitled 'All I needed to know about life I learned from “Dungeons & Dragons”.'

I suspect that we'll be seeing a number of such articles this year, as it is 40th anniversary of D&D (and thereby the entire RPG hobby).  

Yes, I feel old...

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