25 August 2022

Greyhawk Campaign Index

As I’ve done for some of my other campaigns, I’ll be maintaining a master page with links to all posts concerning my World of Greyhawk campaign. This is that page, and henceforth it’ll be listed on the upper right side of the blog (under “Akratic RPG stuff: campaigns”). I will update it whenever I have a new post related to the campaign.

The party: The Quixotic Quartet (3rd level version) 


Althaea: High Elf Wizard (abjurer). 

Erik: Mountain Dwarf Fighter (battle-master).  

Cedric: Human Cleric (war) of St. Cuthbert.

Godric: Human Rogue (arcane trickster). (Cedric and Godric are brothers.)

Adventure summaries:


Part 1: Fort Endurance and the Dim Forest Adventures (Coldeven 578)

Part 2: From Fort Endurance to Hommlet (Coldeven – Flocktime 578 CY)

Part 3: Arriving in Hommlet (Flocktime 578 CY)

Part 4: First Foray into the Moathouse (Flocktime 578 CY)

Part 5: Recovering and planning in Hommlet (Flocktime 578 CY)

Part 6: Return to the Moathouse (Flocktime 578 CY)

Part 7: Victory in the Moathouse (Flocktime 578 CY)

Part 8: To Gneissvale and Back Again (Flocktime - Wealsun 578 CY)

Part 9: The Tomb of Serten and the Helm of Laga Vulin (Wealsun - Richfest 578 CY)

Part 10: The Eyes of a Catoblepas, the Wings of an Owlbear (Richfest - Reaping 578 CY)

Part 11: The Tower of the Blue Wizard and a Coven of Hags

Part 12: The Manor of Quesse, a Startling Revelation, and a Long Rest

Miscellaneous posts:



Credits: The original cover of The Village of Hommlet module (top) by Dave Trampier. The pictures of the characters are taken from the D&D Beyond website.

Edit (2023-06-22): I've removed "Classics" from the title of the campaign. So far only one "classic" adventure has been used (T1, The Village of Hommlet, as updated in Goodman Games' "reincarnation" of The Temple of Elemental Evil), and I'm not sure if any others will be used. Hence the original title no longer seemed apt. 



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