09 August 2022

Against the Darkmaster Player’s Handbook now available

As I’ve written here before, I’m a big fan of Against the Darkmaster. It's my favourite FRPG since Mythras. But the core rule-book, while magnificent, is rather huge and unwieldy, and includes a lot of material unnecessary for players.


So I’m delighted that Open Ended Games has published a Player’s Handbook version of the game. Moreover, it should be more widely accessible in print form than the core rules, given that it’s available via print-on-demand at DrivethruRPG.


If you were ever a fan of MERP (Middle-earth Roleplaying), or simply are curious about a fun, low-powered FRPG with lots of entertaining critical hit descriptions, then check out Against the Darkmaster. 


(Running a heavily modified version the old ICE campaign module The Court of Ardor with Against the Darkmaster is a future goal of mine.)


  1. I didn't have a chance to MERP it up in the old days. I am increasingly tempted by AtD though.

    1. Against the Darkmaster does a better job of explaining the rules than MERP did.

  2. That's even more interesting.


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