30 November 2012

A positive RuneQuest 6 Review

... has been posted over at RPG.net.

It's a succinct yet informative review, well worth reading if you're curious about the latest (and best!) version of the game.

The reviewer is Shannon Appelcline, who interviewed the authors of RQ6, Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, last month.

29 November 2012

Dead But Dreaming

I recently obtained the legendary anthology of Mythos-inspired tales, Dead But Dreaming, edited by Kevin Ross and Keith Herber (two names that should be familiar to any fan of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game).

Originally produced in 2002 by Dark Tales Publications, only 75 copies were printed before Dark Tales closed down.  Thankfully, Miskatonic River Press republished the anthology (with some corrections and a new afterword) in 2008.

I cannot praise this collection highly enough, and strongly recommend it to any fan of Lovecraft’s (and Clark Ashton Smith’s) work.  Indeed, I enjoyed Dead But Dreaming so much that I just started reading Dead But Dreaming 2.

09 November 2012

RuneQuest 6 Interview

Over at RPG.net, Shannon Appelcline interviews the authors of RuneQuest 6 (and the earlier Legend/MRQII system), Lawrence Whitaker ('Loz') and Pete Nash.  Read the whole thing here.

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