30 November 2012

A positive RuneQuest 6 Review

... has been posted over at RPG.net.

It's a succinct yet informative review, well worth reading if you're curious about the latest (and best!) version of the game.

The reviewer is Shannon Appelcline, who interviewed the authors of RQ6, Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, last month.


  1. It's a very clean and accurate review. I feel it captures it all very well, including the fact that it's a little overpriced, a little genericised and yet an excellent rendition of an excellent roleplaying game that all should have.

  2. I like MRQII, BUT I feel uneasy about the relationship between CA and % skills. Because ending a fight is all about delivering a Combat Manoeuvre, a character with an extra CA seems to me to be much more able than a character with a significantly better % skill (though I'd like to see someone work the maths out for it...). The step from 2 to 3 CA is so pronounced a difference in capabilities, yet the same step (and extra 1 point in a single attribute) produces just a 1% difference in a handful of skills.

    Nevertheless, I will be picking up a copy of RQ6, soon enough.


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