01 December 2012

Crypts and Things Lives

I haven’t mentioned the role-playing game Crypts and Things here lately (C&T is a ‘swords-and-sorcery’ variant of Swords and Wizardry, to which I contributed some of my house rules).  But that doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening with the game!

D101 Games already has one adventure out for C&T, Blood of the Dragon.  Moreover, Newt Newport has lined up a “Crypts and Things Masters’ Series” of modules, with contributions from a number of UK authors.  The first module in the series, Temple of Urshruuk by Rik Kershaw-Moore, is now in production.

Things are stirring in the Crypt…


  1. I rejoice at that news. I was one of the supporters of Crypts and Things on indiegogo and I am glad to hear that the product line continues to grow. As for myself, I own Blood of the Dragon and I hope to run it as soon as I can get a group together.

    1. Great to hear from another fan of C&T! :D

  2. I just buyed Crypts and Things pdf :)
    wanted to say that I liked it :)


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