23 May 2012


This is my 300th post!

I'm somewhat amazed that this blog is still chugging along.  Its focus has changed slightly over the past three years.  Lately I've been posting somewhat more on various d100 games (RuneQuest 6, OpenQuest, Call of Cthulhu, BRP, Renaissance, etc.) than on classic D&D and Swords & Wizardry (the games that inspired me to start this blog in the first place).  But I remain as committed to DIY, 'old school' style gaming as always.  And I certainly haven't forgotten about D&D or S&W; after all, I'm a contributor to d101 Games' excellent S&W-based Crypts and Things role-playing game!

Looking forward to another 300 posts...

Oh yeah: another cool RuneQuest 6 preview is available here (this one focuses on magic).

13 May 2012

Wandering Monster

 A savage wild turkey decided to visit my apartment building in Milwaukee on Friday:

I defended my demesne, driving the terrible beast away:  

The formidable creature then proceeded to terrorize the neighbourhood:

06 May 2012

RuneQuest 6 Preview

Design Mechanism has a preview of their forthcoming RuneQuest 6 available for download here (or go here to open directly the pdf).

It looks like RQ6 will be available before the end of this summer!

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