06 May 2012

RuneQuest 6 Preview

Design Mechanism has a preview of their forthcoming RuneQuest 6 available for download here (or go here to open directly the pdf).

It looks like RQ6 will be available before the end of this summer!


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on this, I keep forgetting to check out their site.

  2. VERY promising stuff. I guess Luck Points are similar to HQ hero points. I also like the new skill names.

  3. I like the look of this. I should pull out my old Runequest books and play that again sometime...

  4. Glad you like what you see folks,

    @Mark - do bookmark Design Mechanism. There'll be more news and previews over the next few weeks as we gear towards publication.

    @賈尼 - Yes, Luck Points are akin to HQ's Hero Points, but operate a little differently.

    @Jim - Always worth pulling-out the old RQ editions for nostalgia value alone. They're great.


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