09 November 2011

Gygax Memorial Tile

Here is a picture of the memorial tile for Gary Gygax at the Riveria in Lake Geneva, WI. (Photo gained from Ignatius Umlaut via that facebooky-thingie.)

Very nice. (Although the 'nitpicker' in me thinks that it should say "Co-creator".)

I really have to go to Lake Geneva one of these days. I've been based (partially) in Milwaukee for over three years now, but the only other place in Wisconsin to which I've ventured has been Madison.


  1. Although the 'nitpicker' in me thinks that it should say "Co-creator".)

    It's funny because that was my first thought upon seeing the photo, too.

  2. That just comes with being in the know. It's wonderful though.

  3. It is good but I was under the impression the memorial fund was for a statue or something similar.

  4. Yeah, what happened to the statue?

  5. Good question, Dangerous Brian and arcadayn. I'm not sure what happened to the statue. I don't know if a statue is forthcoming as well, or if this tile is a replacement.

  6. That's a very cool memorial tile. A sleeping dragon on a d20 - really works. :)


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