03 June 2015

Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen return to Chaosium

Greg Stafford, founder of Chaosium, is back with the company as President and CEO.

Sandy Petersen, creator of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, also is back with the company, and seems to be in charge of the CoC line.


The announcement is here.

UPDATE (June 4):
There are some interesting bits of info from Sandy Petersen in this thread over at Yog-Sothoth.


  1. "Wow" is definitely the word. Who could've seen this coming? I always thought Greg Stafford getting forced out of Chaosium was up there with Gygax getting the boot from TSR. Nice that that's been rectified now, and with S. Peterson himself in charge of CoC again...? Wow, absolutely. Hoping we'll see a return to the glorious Chaosium of old, or something close to it.

    1. Greg didn't get forced out of Chaosium; rather he left to form Issaries.

  2. It seems, for the moment, like the shot in the arm Chaosium needed. Exciting news....!

  3. Yeah, this is a *complete* surprise to me. (I'll have to ask Loz, when I see him next week, if he had any idea this was about to happen.)

    Great news.

  4. AFAIK Greg wasn't forced out. They decided to part ways so that the fate of Glorantha wouldn't be tied to the fate of Chaosium which was having a lot of difficulties at the time.

  5. All I've heard of the story was that there was never any "force out" in the Chaosium history.

    But this was really out of the blue! Really? That really makes me wonder what the future plans are. Will Greg develop a totally new game now, or will they turn Chaosium into a Pendragon shop?

    The future will be interesting.

    1. No, Pendragon stays with Nocturnal Media, AFAIK (and Moon Design owns Glorantha).

      But Stafford and Petersen will try to save Chaosium which seems to be in a very critical stage.

    2. Is Chaosium that bad off? They have been in debt, but I remember Charlie talking about how they've managed to turn that around in some interview some years back.

      Interesting times, anyway.


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