12 June 2015

Some more Chaosium news

Following up on the big change over at Chaosium, Sandy Petersen chats at Yog-Sothoth.  Among other things, he speculates on the possibility of bringing Pendragon and Glorantha back to Chaosium in some way.  Of greatest interest to me, Petersen proposes that Chaosium will steer more carefully their BRP (Basic Role-Playing) line of products, including Magic World (the 'de-Moorcockized' version of Stormbringer 5th edition).

Also, Chaosium is having a big clearance sale!


  1. They should leave fantasy BRP to the Runequest 6 guys-- they won't be able to compete with that system design -- though if they published settings and adventures for RQ6, that would be awesome.

    1. I mainly play RQ6 these days, so I agree that it would be wonderful if Chaosium could provide support for that system directly. I'd love to see RQ6 available in all the shops where CoC presently is stocked!

    2. I'm not sure if I think Magic World and RQ6 fill the same niche? Being completely new to d100 games about a year ago and then picking up some PDFs in search of a new game experience after 25 years of D&D.

      I think MW is perhaps a little more newbie friendly, whereas I still find RQ6 a little impenetrable still - though I suspect it could become a favorite of mine with more experience in BRP type games.

    3. Heh, looks like Chaosium agreed with you on that one, littlemute - they are reeling RuneQuest back in and putting BRP on the back burner. Question is whether that move will piss off more people than they make happy.


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