09 December 2009

Leif Ericson

Thanks to the student essays and exams that are piling up on my desk at an alarming rate now that term in winding down, I will not have time to post anything for the next several days. Consequently, I thought that I would post this picture of Leif Ericson as a placeholder. The statue of Leif is a few blocks south of my flat in Milwaukee, on a bluff that overlooks Lake Michigan.


  1. So that's what my ancestor looked like. ;) To think that those guys made it all the way across the Atlantic is still pretty impressive. It's interesting that there's a cross at the base of the statue. I am pretty sure old Leif would have preferred the Hammer of Thor though...

  2. Iceland converted to Christianity around 1000; Wikipedia says Leif converted in Norway and left for his trip in 1002 or 1003. No hammer of Thor, I think... :)

  3. I once played a descendent of Leif Ericson whose ancestral/reincarnated memories sometimes made him confused.

    So now it's a role-playing post.

  4. I stand corrected Alex. Thanks! :)

  5. You grade papers, I write them:D
    What subject do you teach?
    I'm curious since I study philosophy...

  6. @ squidman: Philosophy, eh? I teach philosophy (mainly political & moral philosophy). My secret identity: http://www4.uwm.edu/letsci/philosophy/faculty/neufeld.cfm


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