24 June 2010

Fight On! #9 available

Just in time for summer:
Here is ye olde sales blurb:

When you're down to your last hit point, your last spell, the last charge on your laser pistol - what now? Fight On! Issue #9 is here, stampeding out of the gate with adventures big and small, a city-state, races, classes, monsters, spells, tricks, traps, tables, rules options, random encounters, NPCs, and a motherlode of mighty miscellaneous mysteries to give your game a boost! Dedicated to Paul Jaquays, this issue features contributions from Jeff Rients, Sang Lee, Tavis Allison, Kelvin Green, Geoffrey McKinney, Patrick Farley, Zak S., Erik Battle, James Quigley, Mark Allen, Jennifer Weigel, Gabor Lux, Peter Schmidt Jensen, Ed Heil, Paul Fini, Raven Daegmorgan, Eric Minton, Allen Varney, Baz Blatt, Geoffrey O. Dale, Jerry Stratton, Chris Robert, Calithena, Jeff Talanian, and many, many more! Don't get caught without the old school's newest resources - order your copy today!

Available for sale via teh intraweb here.

Someday I will contribute to Fight On! again. Oh yes, someday...

Also in news: 'Old Guy' ChicagoWiz is blogging again.

And now, a completely tangential musing: I've just finished watching the second episode of 'The Tudors'. My suspicion is that this series will turn out to be only about half as good (if that) as 'Rome'...


  1. I've complained elsewhere about the punitive Lulu shipping charges, and since you can do nothing about it, I will complain here as well!


  2. Lulu is however offering free domestic shipping and free UK ground shipping over the summer on orders over $19.95 - codes are I think FREESHIP for USA (it puts this in automatically) and FREEGROUND305 for UK.

    So, if you wanted to pick up a few products (say, issues of Fight On!) from the store now to put you over that mark, you could get free shipping and avoid that particular problem!

    Thanks for the shout out, Akrasia, and we do hope to see some more from you in the future!

  3. (Clarification - the UK free shipping offer is only through June 30, so do it now if there are lulu things you want (ours or otherwise) in the UK.)

  4. That's great, looking forward to the day that Lulu does the same for their Canadian customers...


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