08 July 2010

Great News, by Arioch!

Chaosium's excellent Strombringer (1e and 4e versions) and Elric! role-playing games are now available for sale at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! Most of the support material for those games are also now available in PDF, as is the 1e version of Chaosium's Hawkmoon RPG.

Strangely, Stormbringer 5e is not available. However, since SB5 is essentially identical to Elric!, this is no big deal.

Far more unfortunate, in my opinion, is unavailability of Darcsyde's excellent supplement for SB5/Elric!, Corum. The Corum supplement provides some very cool twists to the Elric! system (including an intriguing alternative 'magic' system for Law). And, personally, I find Moorcock's 'Corum' stories to be far superior to his 'Elric' ones.

Nonetheless, this is great news for fans of BRP.

Here is the official blurb from Mongoose Games:
Mongoose Publishing is happy to announce an agreement with Chaosium to publish classic Michael Moorcock RPG materials as PDFs on Drivethru. You can find them under 'Classic Moorcock' at: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=45
There are lots of classic books now available again, such as Atlas of the Young Kingdoms, Stormbringer, The Shattered Isle and much more. Whether you are a player of the older games or looking for more source material for Mongoose's own forthcoming and updated Elric of Melnibone (due for release next month), you can bag some handy bargains that are bound to enthrall any Moorcock fan.
I would recommend Elric! for fantasy role-playing games outside of Moorcock's 'Young Kingdoms'. Stripped of its setting-specific details, Elric! is a superior fantasy version of BRP, suitable for play in almost any 'swords and sorcery' setting. Indeed, I've often been tempted to use it for a 'Wilderlands' campaign.

It's reassuring to realize that sometimes 'good things' do happen out of the blue.


  1. Nice to see those back for new generation.

    1. Alas, the PDFs disappeared from DTRPG a couple of years after this blog post, which is from July 2010.
      (I'm not sure why this post popped up on the blog's "Most Popular Posts" for the past month, 13 years later...)


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