08 October 2010

Swords and Wizardry 'Complete Version' Preview

A few weeks ago Mythmere Games and Frog God Games announced that they would be producing a new, expanded version of 'Swords & Wizardry' -- namely, a 'Complete' version (see here.)

At that time, the fellow in charge of S&W, Matt Finch, noted that the following things would be included in the 'Complete' version:
It includes the ranger from SR, the paladin, thief, druid, assassin - character classes from the supplements. Still no illusionist, though, which was disappointing, but the SR illusionist just couldn't legally be duplicated. The game still runs on the 0e rules, not 1e. It includes two optional alternative order of combat systems in addition to the standard one from the WhiteBox era: the one from the Holmes Blue Book and one that's based on the EW system. Those are the main differences, although there are little things like adding strength modifiers to the amount of weight that can be carried, ala Supplement 1, etc. Virtually all of the additions are in the player section, not the referee section. It's compatible with the Core Rules, and the Core Rules will stay in place as the archetypal "three class" system.
One especially nice thing is that our Druid class description is written by Dennis Sustare (the original author who invented the druid character class - think, "Chariot of").
We now have some additional information from Matt on what will be included:
Here's the basic scoop, though I may have forgotten something:
Siege rules
Aerial combat
Mass combat (already there)
Naval combat

Order of combat - splits movement and attacks, but very close to Core Rules
Holmes Basic order of combat as an option
Eldritch Wizardry order of battle method (revised) as an option (rotating initiative based on what characters are wearing and doing)
Core Rules order of combat as option

More descriptions of things like wolfsbane
Wilderness adventuring, including getting lost, and monster encounter tables
Dungeon encounter charts now have specific monsters instead of just a CL listing
Dungeon encounter charts can also be used to generate mixes of different monsters (the orcs have a pet gelatinous cube! Run!)

No more wild boards in the monster listing

Building strongholds - prices for walls and keeps and such
Original saving throw numbers are listed as a chart in a side-box in case people want to use those.
Can't remember what else.
(Original post here.)

This all sounds great to me. I can hardly wait to see the final product! (Even if I do seem somewhat fixated on BRP-powered games these days.)


  1. I seem to remember reading in the forums somewhere that the entire thing will still be available as a text file, but now I can't find it. Did you see that there somewhere? I was hoping to be able to slap my own Mullen cover on the thing. Yes, I'm still fixated on that. ;)

  2. ze bulette, I would be surprised if the entire thing were available for free as a text file. After all, the 'bonus' appendix for the second printing of S&W (which included the thief and monk classes) was available *only* in the print version. This was, according to Mythmere, to create an incentive for distributors to carry the 'paper' version of the game.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong about this! (Hopefully I am.) :) And I'm sure that the 'core game' will continue to be available for free. (That couldn't be changed even if Mythmere and FGG wanted to.)


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