22 February 2012

Crypts and Things is Now Available!

"Beware, vile Ophidians of pre-human Valusia! Savage swords shall slice through thy repellent scales, severing serpent heads and silencing thy sorcery-speaking sibilant tongues!"

At long last, d101 Games’ Crypts and Things is now available…

More info on Crypts and Things is available at this post over at Newt’s blog, as well as the d101 Games website.

I received my two hardcover copies last week, and they are truly stunning!

I’m thrilled to have had some of my ideas included in C&T, and look forward to playing more C&T in the future, as well as learning of others’ experiences with the game.

Crypts and Things: totally eldritch!

[Edit: I removed the 'mock up' cover.]


  1. Is the second image a variant cover? I actually like it a lot more than the cover with the jumping barbarian.

    1. Alas, no. The second image is an earlier mock up cover.

      The picture does appear in the book, however.

  2. Newt asked me to remove the older cover (to avoid confusion, among other things), so it is now gone.

  3. My hardback is on the way. I am really looking forward to using a good bit of it in my 1st edition game. Specifically the differentiated fighter class as well as some of the setting and milieu. I my integrate by running a crypts and things side quest in my current campaign. The art and layout is great in the PDF. I absolutely am dying to get the hardback.

  4. I got mine a few weeks back. It is an excellent stand alone game with tons of great ideas that can be used with other systems. Last weekend, I ran a one shot Castles and Crusades game. I incorporated many of the themes that I found in Crypts and Things: Human only player characters, magic is untrustworthy at best and that gods, if they ever existed at all, long ago turned their backs on humanity. I also used the background chart from Crypts and Things and I equipped one the pre-gen characters that I created with the Sword of the Green dragon to illustrate how dangerous magic items can be. It was a very dark and gritty game session but the two players that I had on hand last weekend really liked it. Next time that we play, I will have the rest of my players back so we will resume our more standard game but the dark fantasy theme may be something we return to when our current campaign wraps up. I may even push to completely switch over to Crypts and Things.

    1. Cool! Thanks for the after-game report, Niels Adair. :)


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