12 April 2012


OSRCon will be taking place again in Toronto this summer, August 10th and 11th.

The schedule looks very promising so far (and no doubt additional games will be added). The special guest this year is Ken St. Andre, along with last year’s guests Ed Greenwood and James Maliszewski.

Much to my chagrin, I missed last year’s con. I was really hoping to make it this year, but, alas, it looks like that will not be happening. The dates conflict with my friend’s bachelor party. (The friend in question, incidentally, played ‘Adralat Na-Keth’ in last year’s Mong-RuneQuest II Young Kingdoms campaign.)

If you live near Toronto, or don’t mind travelling there for a weekend of old school gaming, I recommend checking out OSRCon.


  1. Oh, fun. I went to last years con with my Dad and a friend, and we had great fun. My only complaint was that the panel needed to be much better moderated, as they didn't really have one, so Ed Greenwood had to sort of step in there. I hope I can get back to Toronto to go again this year.

  2. Its possible I may be there, perhaps hawking RQ6. However, its the weekend before GenCon, and as I'm going there too, I'm not sure if I can spare the time I'll need for Road Trip Prep.

    Ed lives in the same town as me, and Ken and I collaborated on Rogue Mistress, about a century ago. It would be nice to see them both.

    Hmmm. Choices...

    Oh, Blain? Do send my congrats to Peet!

    1. My, you're well-connected Loz!

      Perhaps you might be a special guest next year? Given your long and impressive involvement in the industry, I think you'd be an ideal guest.

      It's a pity Ken St. Andre isn't running any classic Stormbringer. T&T never really 'clicked' with me (although it's been decades since I last looked at it).

    2. Actually, looks like I can make it after all.

      I've been in touch with the organisers and they can even accommodate a trade table for me. So it looks like a Go.

    3. Cool! I hope to be able to at lest drop by and check things out.

  3. Hmm... On second thought, I might be able to make it Friday morning.

  4. I'd love to attend this, but don't think it's in the cards for this year (again, alas).



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