04 April 2013

Ian M. Banks

Ian M. Banks has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Banks, as I assume many readers already know, is one of the leading science-fiction authors of our generation. He is the creator of the 'Culture' universe. He also wrote a wide variety of non-SF novels, and a non-fiction book on whisky (Raw Spirits).

Banks's Culture novels helped to make life bearable for me during the 1990s. His novels Use of Weapons and Player of Games especially stand out: I remember being amazed, thrilled, and horrified by both of them. Indeed, most of Banks' novels left a strong impression on me, even his lesser known ones (e.g., The Bridge, Inversions).

This is very sad news.  The SF community will be poorer with his passing.


  1. Its a terrible tragedy, but Iain's blackly humorous approach to it is typical of his stoicism.

    There's going to be a great, gaping void in both SF and mainstream fiction, that even a Culture GSV cannot fill.

    A huge loss to the universe.


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