25 April 2013

The Quest Reality Show

From here:

CHICAGO — You don't need hairy Hobbit feet or a fluency in Elvish to travel to Middle Earth — at least in this "reality."
A new reality TV show called "The Quest," described as "if 'Amazing Race' took place in Middle Earth," will host a "meet and greet" for potential cast members Thursday in Chicago.
Sci-fi fans with a thirst for adventure can attend the event with casting director Kristin Malley from 8 to 10 p.m. Thursday at Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N. Milwaukee Ave.
"The Quest" comes from the creators of "The Amazing Race" and one of the executive producers of "The Lord of the Rings," film trilogy, Malley said.
An ideal contestant would be "competitive, [with a] good personality, high energy, who also has a flair for the fantasy and sci-fi world," Malley said.

Well, I do have hairy Hobbit feet and fluency in Elvish (both Sindarin and Quenya*).

But I have no idea what "The Amazing Race" is, am not "competitive", and most decidedly am not "high energy".

So I think I'll have to pass...

(C'mon, it's a whole three blocks away from my flat!)

[* Okay, not really, but I do know many words and phrases in both languages.]

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