04 February 2014

RuneQuest 6 Bundle of Holding

As I've mentioned before at this blog, I think that RuneQuest 6 is the best fantasy role-playing game to have been produced in the past two decades.  Indeed, it is one of my all-time favourite RPGs.

It is not, however, an inexpensive FRPG.  Until now.

For a paltry 6.95 USD, you can obtain PDFs of the RuneQuest 6 core rulebook and the complete campaign (setting + adventures) The Book of Quests.  How?  It is the RuneQuest 6 Bundle of Holding!  Also, payments of 16+ USD yield three additional RQ6 supplements: Monster Island, Monster Island Companion, and Hessaret's Treasure.

This is a great deal.  And 10% of all payments go to two worthy causes: MacMillan Cancer Support and the Electronic Foundation Foundation.  A lovely union of beneficence and self-gain!

Alas, the offer expires in less than a week. So act with alacrity!

Disclosure: One of RQ6's co-authors, Lawrence Whitaker, is a friend of mine, and my former GM.  But I was a great fan of RuneQuest before meeting Lawrence, including an earlier version of RQ6 (viz., Mongoose's RQII).

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