26 May 2014

Why Do We Seem to be Alone in the Universe?

This article on the 'Fermi Paradox' is pretty awesome.

(Fans of authors like Ian M. Banks and Alastair Reynolds especially will enjoy it, I think.)


  1. Awesome article, thanks for posting the link.

    I suppose I'm the glass is half full sort of person as I don't think we're alone even if earth is the only place with life,
    I share my home with at least a half dozen species (1 of them is voluntary), not counting plants there are 30 or more other species in my yard, sure I can't discuss D&D or the meaning of life with them but that's true with at least 99.9% of other humans.

  2. Excellent, thanks for posting! As a mathematician/statistician myself, I can say I am really NOT comfortable when making probabilistic assumptions about the distribution of "stuff."


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