15 August 2014

Dark Dungeons, the Movie

Back in my high-school days, my friends and I used to find endlessly amusing the Jack Chick comic, "Dark Dungeons."

Now, much to my amazement, there is a film based on that comic!

(A very realistic portrayal of a typical RPG session.)

I watched the eight minute preview here, and it looks quite funny.  I plan to watch the full version, available here, in the very near future.

Certainly its portrayal of the popularity of RPGs and the people who play them is extremely realistic!


  1. First of all, you can understand they do not have an idea of a rpg session just looking at the table. Six women ot of seven players! No way!

    1. Ha! One minor character in the film expresses dismay at how *popular* the "RPGers" are on campus.


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