06 November 2014

Pelinore Returns

During the early 1980s I was something of an Anglophile, at least with respect to RPGs.  I generally preferred White Dwarf to Dragon (these were the years during which White Dwarf was a general RPG-focused magazine), I loved the Fighting Fantasy books (they were my ‘fix’ when I couldn’t get together with my friends for a regular game), among my favourite AD&D modules were the ‘U’ and ‘UK’ ones, and I was a big fan of the ‘weird’ Fiend Folio (the Githyanki, the Githzerai, the art of Russ Nicholson, etc.). 

During this time I picked up a few issues of Imagine magazine (now long lost, alas).  Unlike White Dwarf, it was hard to get Imagine at my local gaming shop.  Those few issues included some articles on a world called ‘Pelinore,’ which seemed cool and unusual.  I recall wondering what the whole setting was like.

Now that setting has been made available – for free – by Kellri, in the Collected Pellinore.  Kellri has brought together, in a single document, the Pellinore material from Imagine magazine and GameMaster Publications from 1984-85.  It can be obtained here.

How can one not love a setting in which the clerics of the ‘Green Man’ must be inebriated in order to obtain their divinely-provided spells?  (“His clerics must become moderately intoxicated before sleeping in order to regain their spells” [p. 20].)


  1. This PDF is fantastic but I'm having trouble downloading it as Googledrive is ignoring my request to download without scanning. Boo! Great work by Kellri though. :D

  2. Works on Internet Explorer but not on Google Chrome. Fumble that ball Google!

  3. Apparently Kellri is adding some more material to the PDF, so folks interested in Pelinore may want to wait a couple of days. http://www.therpgsite.com/showpost.php?p=796955&postcount=12

  4. I wrote a short Mythology of Pelinore (in French), but I think I forgot that tidbit about the Green Man. :-)

  5. Thanks for the plug. I've finished with editing the book - ALL of the Pelinore material from both sources has been incorporated, any formatting, spelling and stat-block problems have been cleared up, and the maps should all be inline with text so it can be printed as a single book. Enjoy!


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