03 March 2015

A Blade Runner Sequel? Bad Idea!

So apparently there is going to be a sequel to the 1982 classic science fiction film Blade Runner.

This is a bad idea.

The Director’s Cut version of Blade Runner (the version without the horrible voiceover, without the tacked-on happy ending, and with the scene of the unicorn dream) is pretty much the perfect science fiction film.  It is self-contained, with no loose-endings.  It is visually and aurally stunning.  It is an immersive experience that asks deep questions. (‘What is it to be human?’ ‘What is it to be a slave?’)  And its ending is wonderfully ambiguous – is Deckard a replicant or not?  No answer to this question is given, and the film is open to either interpretation. 

Blade Runner should not be messed with at this point.  As Rob Bricken correctly notes at io9, “Blade Runner 2 Is The Least Necessary Sequel Of All Time.” 

Just. Leave. It. Be.

But no.  Hollywood is so bereft of new ideas, and so eager for easy money, that a sequel is in the works.  And Harrison Ford will be returning.  (Well, I guess that since Deckard lives for another 30+ years after the events depicted within the original film, it’s pretty clear that he is not a replicant after all… *sigh*)


  1. Also, the original film was set in 2019. That seems ridiculous now. (Actually, it seemed ridiculous in 1982, given the profound technological and social changes presupposed in the film. A date of 2082 would have been more plausible. But whatever.) Will the sequel continue assuming the same timeline? That would be … weird.

  2. At first I thought he could be a replicant who aged really quickly, but it didn't work that way for the others... Anyway, agreed. I probably won't bother with this one.

  3. I guess people in prior generations had it right. Everything in the future sucks.

  4. I think I'll wait until the movie is actually out before passing judgement. But I agree....they need to address the timeline of the movie so it can resonate with the reality of this decade. Worst thing they do is another director's cut that "fixes" the dates....


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