05 April 2015

Crypts and Things: Remastered and Kickstarted

Kudos to Newt Newport on his ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign for the re-mastered version of Crypts and Things!

I’m proud to have contributed to the original version of C&T, albeit only modestly, and look forward to testing out the new and improved version in the near future.

More information on C&T:R here.


  1. You said "Kicktarted" Hee hee :D

    I had the privilege of playing it this afternoon with my home group. There was laughs, action, horror and blood :) It was a good antidote to play it after a month of talking about how awesome it is via the Kickstarter.

    1. 'You said "Kicktarted" Hee hee'
      Argh! :/
      Fixed now.


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