30 March 2016

Curious about OpenQuest?

There is a very good OpenQuest bundle of holding’ deal available until April 4th.  It consists of four PDFs – the 2nd edition rules and three adventure packs – for only 8.95 USD. 

So if you’ve been curious about OQ, the ‘rules-light-ish’ OGL version of RuneQuest published by D101 Games, then this would be an excellent opportunity to satisfy that curiosity! 

And for some interesting background on OQ – why and how Newt Newport created the system – check out this post at Newt’s ‘Sorcerer Under Mountain’ blog.


  1. OpenQuest is a nice ruleset, it definitely has a Basic D&D vibe to it.

    Mythras / RuneQuest 6 is my holy grail of gaming, but OpenQuest would certainly serve admirably as a light d100 dungeon crawl game.

    Renaissance (based on OQ) is also a very nice game.

  2. Thanks for the shout out :)

    Now need to go away and think about what we do for OpenQuest next ;)


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