24 October 2016

The End of Dark Dungeons

Jack Chick has passed away.

Chick was the author of numerous fundamentalist Christian comics. The most famous, for fans of role-playing games at least, was the (unintentionally) hilarious Dark Dungeons—which eventually was adapted into the (intentionally) hilarious film by the same name.

At least Chick was spared yet another Halloween…


  1. Rest in peace Jack... you gave our Dark Dungeon game its name for a long time... (until we changed it to The World Beyond).

  2. To paraphrase the old cliche...

    I never wished Mr. Chick dead, but I'll read his obituary with great satisfaction.

    Also now dammit I want to buy a copy of The World Beyond, and I need another frpg on my shelf like I need a fourth nipple...


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