12 March 2017

Logan is excellent

This is just a brief note about the new 'X-men' film Logan. It is excellent. I think that it is well worth seeing even if you don't care for 'superhero' movies.

I'm not a huge superhero fan myself. I see perhaps 50% (at most) of the superhero films that come out these days. (I didn't bother seeing the previous X-men film, and of course I've avoided all the recent DC films.) Moreover, with a few exceptions (e.g., The Dark Knight), I generally find even the superhero films that I do enjoy to be quite forgettable (e.g., I had a good time at last year's Doctor Strange, but it slipped from my mind as soon as I stepped out of the theatre).

Logan is not like that. I saw it last Tuesday and it has intruded into my thoughts since then on a regular basis. It's a powerful film. It's a character-driven film. And it's dark --- but not excessively so. It's ending is sad but satisfying. It's not like any superhero film I've ever seen.


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