07 February 2018

Conan to tread onto the small screen?

Well this news is rather intriguing:
"Amazon is developing drama series Conan, based on the books by Robert E. Howard.
Conan retells the classic character's story via a return to his literary origins. Driven out of his tribal homelands, Conan wanders the mysterious and treacherous world of civilization where he searches for purpose in a place that rejects him as a mindless savage.
[T]he creative goal [is] to return to the original Howard literary works and produce a series that is faithful to the spirit of his Conan character. Conan the Barbarian, aka Conan the Cimmerian, was created by Howard in 1932 in a series of fantasy stories published in Weird Tales magazine."
(More information here.)

While I've always enjoyed the 1982 Conan the Barbarian film since I first saw it as a fantasy-obsessed lad, the Schwarzenegger movie has almost no connection to the original Robert E. Howard tales (and the less said about the sequel and the 2011 version the better). A series actually based on Howard's Conan stories could be great. And I think that a television series probably is a better way to adapt the stories, given their episodic character, than a movie.

I really hope that this becomes a reality-and that it turns out to be as awesome as it has the potential to be.

By Crom! 


  1. There was one prior attempt at a TV edition of Conan...it was extremely forgettable, but maybe in the current post GOT era of TV production a new Conan has a chance.

  2. Wasn't "He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe" originally supposed to be an animated Conan series?

  3. I'd like to see a maxi-series. That is just film the books and call it a day.


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