05 May 2018

Mythras Bundle of Holding

Curious about Mythras (formerly RuneQuest 6)? Well, over the next two days you can get a rather impressive bundle of Mythras PDFs for a very low price!

The Starter Collection (14.95 USD [retail value 47 USD]) includes:

  • Mythras core rulebook ($15)
  • Mythras Imperative (free)
  • Classic Fantasy ($20)
  • Three Mythras adventures:
  • A Gift From Shamash ($4)
  • Xamoxis' Cleansing ($4)
  • Madness & Other Colours ($4)
If you want more, you can get the Bonus Collection (threshold starts at 24.95 USD  [retail value 52 USD]):

  • Mythic Britain ($18)
  • Mythic Britain Companion ($5)
  • Mythic Rome ($14)
  • Mythic Rome Maps (PWYW)
  • Three Classic Fantasy adventures:
  • M1 The Terror of Ettinmarsh ($5)
  • G1 These Violent Delights ($5)
  • N1 Tomb of the Mad Wizard ($5)
Design Mechanism's nominated charity is the Electronic Frontier Foundation

More information on this Bundle of Holding can be found here.

And Newt Newport (of D101 Games) recently reviewed Mythras at his 'Sorcerer Under Mountain' blog. 

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  1. Damn! Sorry I missed this. RQ has always been that one game I have wanted to play and never got around to.


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