19 September 2018

Scottish dwarves

Another insight from Existential Comics:

This is a great comic, by the way. I've mentioned it here before. There are a number of strips on 'Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy', all of which are worth reading.


  1. I think folks want the Dwarves to have Norse accent but they all end up sounding like the Swedish chef so they go for Scots instead.

  2. Scottish dwarves are a big pet peeve of mine. My dwarves (and gnomes for that matter, which I conceive of as lowland dwarves) are all Germanic.

  3. Have you seen 'The Dragon Prince'? In that one the Elves are Scottish, when they don't flub the accent.

    1. I didn't know about 'The Dragon Prince'. It looks interesting. I'll try to check it out!

  4. Using gruff Scottish accents for Elves and posh Oxonian accents for Dwarves would be fun. Maybe in my next D&D campaign...


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