21 March 2019


After 10 years of the same thing, I'm testing out a new look for this blog.

Initially I just wanted to replace the picture. (The above 'Dragon Slayers' drawing is something that I did in 1983 [when I was 12 or 13].) But that led me to make other changes...

I'm not sure I like this current look, although I do think it's more 'readable' than the old one.

I may tweak it some more in the near future. Comments or suggestions would be appreciated (but, obviously, not necessarily acted upon).


  1. It does seem more readable to me, which I like. The picture, on the other hand, is pure kickass.

  2. On the mobile it looks the same as before

  3. What is a political philosopher anyway?

  4. Thanks for the kind words on the picture, M Po and VS!


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