15 January 2021

Dungeons & Dragons: a TV series and a Movie?

It looks like a Dungeons & Dragons television series is now in the process of being developed by Derek Kolstad (the author of the script for the first John Wick film).

This is separate from the previously announced Dungeons & Dragons film, which apparently will star Chris Pine.

I hope that the series and/or movie turn out to be entertaining. But I am gripped with a sense of trepidation, given my memories of this disaster from two decades ago:


  1. I totally forgot that Jeff Bezos was in that one.

  2. The original D&D movie was the last film I ever saw on opening night. Between that and the appalling Star Wars Phantom Menace the year before I pretty much gave up on seeing anything in theaters afterward. Think I've gone to all of three or four total in the last twenty years, and none of them have tempted me to go more frequently. If I want to spend the night out with friends I'd rather be gaming most of the time.

  3. A series makes a lot more sense than a movie IMO, but I'm not holding my breath. I never cared for D&D novelizations like Dragonlance either.

  4. They should make Patton Oswald the lead of the tv series and put Dan Harmon in charge. Make it a comedy, after all its a game and games should be fun.

    1. That's about the only thing that could tempt me into watching a DnD movie.

    2. I would watch a Munchkin/Discworld/Naheulbeuk show (the last one is for my fellow Frenchmen). I would also be interested in a movie/series where the players' real lives would intertwine with their tabletop adventures. If the idea is just to produce some high-end but generic fantasy fare, what is the point, especially after GoT, Witcher and the upcoming LotR series? Do the Black Company instead!


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