18 January 2023

Wizards’ second apology and the OGL

In response to the raging storm within the RPG community over the potential revocation of the OGL 1.0a, Wizards of the Coast issued a sorry-not-sorry “apology” on January 13th. It went over like the proverbial lead balloon.


So today we have a second apology – this time with a human name (“Kyle Brink – Executive Producer, Dungeons & Dragons”) attached to it.


My key takeaway from this statement concerns this:


Your OGL 1.0a content. Nothing will impact any content you have published under OGL 1.0a. That will always be licensed under OGL 1.0a.”


Note the past tense (“have published”). Nothing in the statement indicates a willingness to recognize the legality of products using OGL 1.0a in the future.

Until WotC acknowledges that OGL 1.0a cannot be revoked – or amends the OGL to include the "irrevocable" language that seems to be the source of the trouble – they haven't changed on the single most fundamental issue. 


Nothing else really matters.  

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