05 June 2023

Against the Darkmaster – June sale


To celebrate its 5th anniversary, for the month of June Open Ended Games is offering the PDF of the Against the Darkmaster rulebook at 50 percent off.

I'm not sure if this is part of the same sale, but physical versions of the core rules and GM screen are available as a "bundle" for 75 USD (instead of 90 USD) here.


I’m a big fan of this game – indeed, I wish I was running it right now! 

If you’d like to learn more about VsD, the quick start rules are available for free ("pay what you want") here. In addition, here is a review, and here is another, and here is one more. 


(The illustration above is a draft of the cover, found at the artist’s website.)


  1. Oh no. I can't believe this is 5 years old already. Time is accelerating.

    1. I think the game itself is only about 3 years old (the KS campaign, which I missed, was in fall 2019). But the company is 5 years old.


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