06 July 2023

Old School Dungeons and Dragons Action Figures

These beautiful "action figures" recently arrived in my mail: 

I really shouldn't spend money on things like this, as they have no real "game utility" and will just sit on my bookshelf.

But, as the title of the blog indicates, I'm pretty akratic at times.


  1. I was always surprised they didn't make little plastic mini's that could be used at the table. Not necessarily humans/Elves/etc (which require more detail) but lots of monsters (giants, dragons) could be made fairly cheaply. They could even sell them as kids toys to ensure they squeaked every penny out of the process. Instead they picked an odd assortment that looks designed for collectors (before there really were collectors for that sort of thing).

    1. Indoctrination of the youth! And it's already Hasbro for crud's sake. Whatever it takes for me to get an affordable Umber Hulk toy, I am for it!

  2. These are awesome. Wish I’d had them as a kid.


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