18 September 2023

Classic Fantasy Imperative now available!

Classic Fantasy is the Mythras version of classic (1970s and 1980s) “Dungeons & Dragons.” The “Imperative” version is a somewhat stripped-down version of CF – think “Basic” D&D rather than “Advanced” – but a complete game (i.e., it does not require the use of the Mythras core rules) and offered under the “ORC” License. 

If I weren’t currently focused on developing my “Ukrasia” setting for a future Against the Darkmaster campaign (and already playing in a Mythras campaign) I’d be sorely tempted to use CFI to run a classic adventure like B4: The Lost City.

Here’s the announcement from the folks at The Design Mechanism:
It's here...

Classic Fantasy Imperative introduces role-players to old-school dungeoneering and high adventure through the lens of the Mythras rule system. A complete game, with all you need for play (barring dice), Classic Fantasy Imperative provides full character creation, with four classes (Cleric, Fighter, Mage and Rogue), four separate cultures, and six races. Extensive rules are provided for Class optimization and Rank abilities, along with a comprehensive system of skills, innovative combat mechanics, and an extensive list of spells and magical effects. The book rounds out with sample monsters and enemies, and magic items. As it is based on the Mythras games system, Classic Fantasy Imperative is fully compatible with the Mythras range of games published by The Design Mechanism.

Classic Fantasy Imperative is a broad canvas intended for individual and third-party development. It is published under the ORC License, meaning that its Licensed Material content can be freely used and adapted, and even combined with other ORC Licensed systems. Developers are free to create their own variations, supplements, adventures and expansions, as long as they abide by the terms of the ORC license.

Classic Fantasy Imperative is available as a free, 155-page PDF with an accompanying Word file containing the entirety of the game text as a System Reference Document (SRD). The game is also available as a Print on Demand (POD) softcover book, priced at $29.99, from The Design Mechanism webstore and Lulu. A POD version will be available through DrivethruRPG in due course.

The Design Mechanism store



Don your armor, grasp your holy symbol, memorize your spells, and ensure you have all your lockpicking gear. Rumour has it that someone at the tavern is seeking adventurers for a special task, and your group may just fit the bill…
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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't know this was going to be a thing.


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