13 September 2009

Earldom of Ysfael Map

The Earldom of Ysfael is on the eastern coast of the island of Ilmahal, just across the Murcha Sea from the Duchy of Briz.

Unlike the Duchy of Briz, I don't have an overview (history and description of main sites) of Ysfael written. I seem to have lost the notes that I used for a brief Castles & Crusades campaign that I ran in Ysfael about five years ago (the C&C campaign was a follow-up to a year-long 3e D&D campaign that took place on Briz; it ended abruptly when I had to move to Ireland thanks to a much needed job offer). One of these days I'll write up another overview for Ysfael -- most likely once my focus leaves Briz (where my S&W campaign is located). Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with this map, and thought that I would post it here for the sake of 'completeness' (that is, to have all of my Ilmahal-related maps available via this blog).

Perceptive readers might notice that the southern part of Ysfael looks remarkably similar to the regional maps of the old AD&D modules The Secret of Bone Hill (L1) and The Assassin's Knot (L2). The Ysfael town "Rockford" corresponds to L1's "Restenford," whereas "Bluestone" corresponds to L2's "Garrotten." Readers familiar with the AD&D module When A Star Falls (UK4) should recognize the "Tower of the Heavens." Less obvious is that "Bracca Keep," wedged between the Swaefa Tors and Wigan Wood, is the famous keep of the Basic D&D module Keep on the Borderlands (B2). I managed to run the modules B1 and B2, based around Bracca Keep, before the campaign ended. I regret that my group didn't manage to play through L1, L2, and UK4 (I had planned to run those modules in roughly that order). *sigh* Maybe some day...


  1. Hmmm... I wonder what the major export of Uisge could be...?

  2. Pretty much the same thing as the major export of Balveny. :P

  3. I REALLY like your maps. Very well done. Love the color schemes and simplicity/clarity of it all.


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