29 March 2010

Sad News

James Mishler has closed his company 'Adventure Games Publishing' and his blog 'Adventures in Gaming'.

I had a subscription to AGP, and thought that the products that I received -- XXXI; Campaign Map 18 (Southern Reaches); Adventure Gaming Journal #1; and many Castles & Crusades PDFs -- were uniformly excellent.

Fortunately, James has not gone away completely. He has a new gaming blog here.


  1. I was also an initial subscriber. James' problem was never the quality of his work, but the time table he set and promised his subscribers. That and the economy tanking. I wish him the best.

  2. A niche of a niche of a niche is a tough place to be in any market.

    Good luck to his future endeavors.

  3. 怡如: I couldn't agree more. Great point!


    I'm excited to read about JM's campaigns--he's such a font of ideas, I'm sure there'll be plenty of stuff to lift for my own games, or at least be inspired by.


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