11 March 2010

BRP Version of Stross's 'Laundry' coming soon!

It looks like Cubicle 7 will be producing a role-playing game version of Charlie Stross's 'Laundry' setting, as described in The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue.

I very much enjoyed The Atrocity Archives (I haven't read The Jennifer Morgue yet), so I'm rather excited by this development, especially since it will be using (essentially) the same system as Call of Cthulhu ('powered by BRP')! That means that it will be a snap to adapt classic Cthulhu scenarios to the world of the Laundry.

Good times...

More information on the new RPG available here.

(Personal tale: I met Charlie Stross in Maynooth Ireland, a smallish town just outside Dublin, in October 2005. I was a 'guest speaker' at the Irish science fiction & fantasy conference 'Octocon'. Stross, myself, and a few other people were discussing the possibility of persons surviving as pure computer constructs. He struck me as very amiable fellow. Of course, the creator of the 'githyanki' for AD&D deserves a lot of respect!)

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