24 February 2010

MRQII Review at RPGnet

It's another insanely busy week in this wintry burg clinging to the coast of Lake Michigan, so no substantive post (yet again), but simply a link to a very comprehensive review of Mongoose's RuneQuest II at RPG.net.


  1. Well, I was waiting to read your review on this, but after reading the two reviews you linked to, I broke down and picked MRQ2 up. Only read as far as Character generation so far, but I love it! RQ made simple, but with tons of fantasy flavour.

  2. Glad you like it, Sean. MRQII is probably my favourite 'new' game of the past decade (excluding the various D&D 'retro-clones').

  3. How do you feel about the rule changes?
    I recently picked up a Near Mint copy of the hardback edition of Runequest 2 (the original, not the new one) and have ordered some of the Moon Design Publications RQ2 compendiums. I don't know if I'll play it, but RQ is a game I have always liked the look of.

  4. Overall, StevenP, I'd say that I like MRQII over RQ2. MRQII is more 'streamlined' at it's core (fewer fiddly bits). Moreover, it has a very good 'sorcery' magic system, something that RQ2 lacks altogether. Finally, I like that MRQII is both more 'generic' (not explicitly set in Glorantha) and more 'modular' (one can simply pick which magic systems to use, e.g., only sorcery, with no impact on the rest of the system) than RQ2. Nonetheless, RQ2 is a great system.

    You may also want to look at OpenQuest, which uses the MRQI SRD as its base, but essentially is a simplified version or RQ2 and RQ3 (e.g., it eliminates 'hit locations', streamlines the skill list, etc.). It should be 99% compatible with RQ2 material. The unillustrated version of the PDF is free.


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