04 February 2010

Advanced Edition Companion for Labyrinth Lord now available!

As most of you no doubt already know, the retro-clone Labyrinth Lord recreates the rules of 'Moldvay/Cook' classic D&D (the version of Basic & Expert D&D with the Erol Otus covers, from 1980-81).

Now available is a 'Companion' book that expands Labyrinth Lord to include the options that were made available in 1e Advanced D&D, i.e., additional races and classes. All of these additional options, however, are presented in a manner fully compatible with the core Labyrinth Lord rules (unlike 1e AD&D, which was a similar but nonetheless distinct game from Basic/Expert D&D).

More information available here.

Exciting news! I look forward to receiving my copy...

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